Buda. It started as a nickname during his High School years for Gustavo Acioli...a term of friendly affection for a chubby little boy with a big smile and small, squinty yet sparkly eyes. Being that he hasn’t changed much since then, Gustavo’s nickname stuck, because everyone still today knows him as Buda, everyone sees him as Buda, and everyone remembers him as Buda.    

It was back into his earlier years though that little Gustavo fell in love with music and started writing his songs while learning to play the guitar. He grew up divided between two loves actually…first rock-‘n’-roll and then second, music that informs the very heartbeat and pulse of his native land…Brazilian bossa nova. When Gustavo played his rough and distorted rock music, he felt little pangs of guilt; as if he was betraying his own Brazilian roots. And then on the other hand, anytime he would play the cool bossa nova rhythm of his homeland, he felt like he was betraying himself. A dilemma became evident as Buda grew up and various music genres began to inform his influences. He noticed that there was something missing in rock-‘n’-roll too…a kind of swing he could only find in Brazilian music... 

It took some time for Buda to carve out his unique and individual style. As his deep dive into American music continued, he began to feel a kindred connection to soul and funk music. When he started to fall in love with those genres, he began to discover an answer to his dilemma: that funk and samba are close cousins…branches on the same family tree. He soon figured out that if he could ‘swing’ like a Brazilian while playing soul music, the funky groove he started to feel would work for him like the samba drums. 

Buda indeed crosses several genre lines to connect with rock-‘n’-roll, funk, soul, bossa nova, swing  and samba. And, in developing his own unique style, Buda puts a finger on the intersection of these genre lines and then proceeds to tie them all together in a neat little bow to produce his first recording that now formally and rightly introduces the world…to the music of Buda. Enjoy. 

Buda’s songwriting introduces a strong, driving, percussive, funky/soul/rock/samba/swing style to the world as his rangy vocals explode on the scene with enthusiasm and effervescence. Enjoy these new tracks that resonate like a deep breath of warm, fresh, sultry air straight from Brazil. And if you’re like the rest of us, let’s look forward to hearing more and more from this unique break-out artist!

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